Expert LSP Services

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CSE's in house LSP, William H. Mitchell, Jr., LSP, will work directly with you to develop and execute a scope of work that will satisfy both regulatory and business objectives to address the impacted property (requirements set forth in Massachusetts General Law c. 21E and the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP). Mr. Mitchell is highly qualified to oversee MCP activities and provide waste site cleanup options. He has a long history of successfully bringing contaminated sits into regulatory compliance and has been licensed since the implementation of the program in 1993.

Environmental Assessment & Due Diligence

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CSE provides comprehensive environmental due diligence and site assessment services to our clients which allow us to render an opinion with a reasonable degree of technical certainty on the potential of environmental liabilities related to past or current practices on a property, as well as potential impact caused by surrounding properties. Our reports set the standard for quality and accuracy, and our rapid turn-around allows our clients to make timely, informed business decisions. With our experience in the industry we can also assist in developing strategies to address and resolve identified environmental issues and ensure that risk is minimized.

Subsurface Investigations & Remedial Solutions

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CSE harmonizes cost-effective site investigations with client-oriented remediation services. Our site and subsurface investigation activities establish the nature and magnitude of impacts in the subsurface environment and determine the fate and transport of contaminants. Our geologists and engineers evaluate subsurface conditions and recommend response strategies based on and consistent with planned land use. Essentially, we determine the client goals, define the environmental problem, and develop a cost-efficient and effective solution to reach a permanent solution.

Oil & Hazardous Material Response Management

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CSE provides assessment and oversight for contractors responding to leaks, spills, and releases of oil and hazardous materials (OHM). These could include anything from an oil, hazmat or diesel fuel spill, to a chemical fire or natural disaster. Typical situations requiring emergency response include roadway releases, surface spills, pipeline leaks, and storage tank (AST/UST) ruptures. We maintain relationships with several emergency response dispatching companies such as Cura Emergency Services and Emergency Response & Training Solutions (ERTS). Additionally, CSE has several emergency response contractors ready to respond to a spill, while we maintain compliance with the MCP.

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Clean Soils Environmental, Ltd. (CSE) Provides comprehensive environmental consulting, management, and Licensed Site Professional (LSP) services associated with the assessment, remediation, and closure of oil and hazardous substance releases for businesses, property owners, institutions, government agencies, and the legal community.

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